with Mariela and Day

From fun adventures to new faces and places, 2014 was a year filled with great memories. We put together a few of those, just for you.

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Mariela designed a market and is building it.

Le District

And created 50 new recipes.

Tasty Plan

Day is connecting people with their homes.


We spent some time out in the woods.

Upstate New York

Often trailing behind our fearless scout, Luca.

Upstate New York

We tried to look cool in front of garage doors...

New York City

Only to realize garage doors aren't so cool.


In May, Mariela finally met the Pacific Ocean.

Baker Beach

And met a few elk along the way.

Gold Bluffs Beach

We took the scenic route.

The Lost Coast

And remembered that there's a big world out there.

Usal Beach

In August, we met 70,000 friends in the Nevada desert.

Burning Man

We got dusty and lived in the moment...

Burning Man

Wore costumes every day...

Burning Man

And danced late into the morning.

Burning Man

Happy New Year

Have a wonderful 2015!