with Mariela and Day

Another year filled with joyous memories.
From wedding bells to tropical escape,
2015 was a celebration of friendships.

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A french market designed by Mariela opened in Manhattan.

Le District

Tasty Plan inspired friends everywhere with delicious recipes.

Tasty Plan

Day designed a billion pixels of Canary experience.


Protecting homes in over 170 countries.


Last winter, Mariela learned to ski.


Day adventured through the woods.


Luca turned 8—for a bit we thought it was 9!

Appalachian Trail

We escaped to the tropics.

Florida Keys


Puerto Rico

So many friends tied their knots.

Vivianna and Cesar

Day ended a 9 month relationship.


We saw our lives flash before our eyes.

Avalanche Lake

And explored new frontiers together...

Upstate New York

Happy New Year

Have a great 2016!

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